How To Make Money On HubPages


Are you wondering how to make money on HubPages? Out of all writing sites, it remains one of the most profitable online. You just need to use it effectively. Here’s a look at all you need to know to make money writing at the site.




Founded in 2006, HubPages offered writers a chance to write about topics that they love to make money. Writers earn through a revenue share model for both ad and affiliate income.

The site originally hosted all content on its single site. Writers were able to write about anything and all content would be categorized on the site. When Google Panda hit in 2011, sites like HubPages were affected. Unlike its competitors, HubPages moved forward and attempted to grow to what it used to be. That led to the acquisition of Squidoo (one of its biggest competitors) and the development to niche-focused sites.

  • Alexa Rank = 6,246

Writers use the HubPages platform to write and submit content. Each article is known as a Hub. The editors can then decide whether to keep it on the main domain or put onto one of the niche sites.

HubPages enables writers to share in the earnings generated from page views of their articles in a few different ways:

  1. Assigning Affiliate IDs program (The writer uses their own affiliate IDs for Amazon & AdSense)
  2. Opt in to HubPages earning program; which includes;
    • HubPages Ad Program
    • Amazon Program

You must supply have a PayPal account to participate in the HubPages earning program.

Writers can delete their content at any time. It’s also possible to adapt and edit articles whenever you want, helping to boost your ranking and income. You own all copyright, but give HubPages a license to host and share your content.

How to Create an Account on HubPages

Anybody can create an account on HubPages. This is an excellent option for those just starting out, as there are no sample requirements. There is no testing, but your content will be assessed individually. It’s important to write quality content with each Hub, as you will show up in Google searches and have ads placed on each post.

Literacy testing? No – but content is assessed individually

Upfront Fees?

Cost to Join: FREE to join


If you participate in the HubPages Earnings Program you will be paid once your earnings reach the threshold of $50. Payments are made via PayPal on the 28th of each month


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  1. Hi I had never heard of this before ? Hub pages ! how much time on average do you think I would have to give to earn money ? I’m not that fast at typing !

    • Hi Paul, Obviously the more articles you write that get published, the better chance you will have of earning money. But the most important thing is writing about things that readers want to read. Have you ever tried any of the voice to text apps out there? I use this option on my iphone when I am driving – it’s a great way of getting ideas down on paper, but could be perfect for someone like you who is a slow typer. Cheers, Karen

  2. Hey Karen, thanks for the info. I was not familiar with hubpages but it sounds interesting. I might have to check it out.

  3. Thanks for this post Karen. So you recommend using HubPages over using your own website? What are the advantages of that?Can you share content from your website as you do with Facebook or Google Plus or is it pure priginal wirting?

    • Hi Kevon, HubPages is one way for writers to monetize their articles. They would need to be original – but once posted on HubPages, there’s nothing to stop the author from sharing links to that article on their social media. However, if you are serious about creating an online business, you will definitely need your own website – but HubPages could complement that. Hope that helps? Cheers, Karen

  4. Hello Karen
    Thanks for sharing this article.. Very interesting.. I am really not familiar with Hubpages.com..
    Do you think it’s better to write in one’s own website or in HubPages?? and what type of writing people write in HubPages..

    • Hi Rania, I guess it really depends what your end goal is. If you just want to write and share content, then hubpages would be fine. However, in my case, I am building my own affiliate businesses (which is a longer term plan) therefore I need to focus on my own websites first, and any writing on HubPages would be secondary to that. Hope that helps. Cheers, Karen

  5. Hi Karen, this is really interesting and not something I have heard of before. I like the idea of having HubPages to going alongside and compliment the websites that I already have as a potential other way to monetise the articles I am writing.

    • Hi Steven, yes it’s something that I plan to explore further as it could provide a supplementary source of traffic to my website as well as income. Best of luck, Cheers, Karen

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