Is PayU2Blog Any Good?

Is PayU2Blog any good? Read the quick low down of the PayU2Blog platform written by our guest reviewer, Shan, author of a popular blog called Escape the Rat Race. Shan describes herself as a wife, mom, sanguine, accountant and online entrepreneur; and has shared her experiences with PayU2Blog below.

Read Shan’s PayU2Blog review below for the quick low down…

PayU2Blog Review

Name: PayU2Blog
Website: PayU2Blog.com
Price: FREE to join
Overall Rank: 3/5

PayU2Blog Overview

Payu2blog is an online platform which connects advertisers and bloggers. It promises to deliver consistent paid blogging assignments to bloggers (of anything more than 60 words) who are part of their network for a flat fee of $5.

The blogger writes and posts on their own blog, which differs to other types of writing assignments and content mills.


  • Easy way to monetize your blog
  • Only 60 words per post required
  • Simple sign up process


  • Possible loss of control over blog content
  • Scattered paid links might make blog look spammy
  • Might negatively affect your blog’s search engine rankings

Getting started with PayU2Blog

So how do you get started?
Here’s where the sign up form is located on the main website:

The sign up form is simple and takes no more than 5 minutes.

Minimum Blogger Requirements

To qualify for Payu2blog’s blog network, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Your blog must be more than 90 days old
  2. You have posted consistently over the 90 days
  3. Your blog must be on your own domain name (i.e.yourblog.com not .blogspot, .livejournal, .Blogger, etc.)
  4. Yours posts must have minimum Grammatical Errors
  5. All posts must be in English
  6. Your page load speed must be good
  7. Your web page must be easy to navigate
  8. You have a professional looking template
  9. You not have too many ads
  10. You be 18 or older

Some of these requirements like good page load speed and professional looking template are a little vague. It would be helpful to have benchmarks like a minimum Google page speed score or some examples of what a ‘professional looking template” looks like so you can assess if you meet the requirements or not.

Failing that, you can just complete the sign up form and if you don’t hear back within 2-3 business days, then you didn’t make the cut for some reason or another. Payu2blog explains on its website that they can get back to successful applicants due to the sheer volume of application they receive.

What kind of posts/products will you be promoting?

Payu2blog has advertisers in all types of businesses like Real Estate, Health, Retail, Medical etc. However rest assured Payu2blog does not allow advertising of questionable matter like porn related websites.

So here’s how to works, Payu2blog will give you an assignment from one of their advertisers, for example a drug rehab center’s link. So depending on the nature of your blog, you might have to get a bit creative with how you put a mention and link to a drug rehab center. If you are a make money online blog you might write a post exploring the drug rehab industry and put the sponsor’s link in the article.

The good thing is that you to not have to endorse every product you are assignment but you to have to either have a positive or neutral reference (i.e. nothing negative). All you have to do is to a side mention in your blog post. Payu2blog encourages bloggers to relate to each product assignment by personal experience, personal knowledge and personal research.

So how Much Can You expect to earn From Payu2blog?

Payu2blog pays out a flat fee of $5 per link included in a blog post and most Payu2blog bloggers earn an average of about $200 per month. This is not enough to live the high life but many bloggers to use this to cover their hosting fees and blog running costs.

How much you earn really depends on how many assignments you get a week. This depends on various factors like how many blogs you link to Payu2blog and how fast you complete allocated assignments.

Some things to consider before joining Payu2blog

Payu2blog does have some strict requirements which means that it is not for everyone. Read on to see if Payu2blog is for you.

You cannot pick and choose assignments.
Payu2blog’s terms and conditions are very strict on this. You complete whatever assignment you get if not you will be asked to leave the blog network.

You may not write negative reviews.
Because you cannot write anything negative about a link, bloggers often choose to write indirectly about the link and relate it to their post. This is actually something bloggers often to, so you can easily get creative and get a product link in without doing a product endorsement. However, if not done right, including random paid links through your blog can look a bit spammy.

If this makes you a bit nervous and you like to be in full control of you blog and its content then Payu2blog is definitely not for you.

Each Assignment only pays $5, no more no less.
This isn’t anything to sing and dance about. If you have successfully monetized your blog and are bringing in steady AdSense income or affiliate income, then this Payu2blog opportunity might not be worth your while.

There are other companies which offer more for paid links but they to tend to have even more stringent criteria like where paid links need to be positioned in your post. They also often require you to do a full review of the product instead of just a side mention. So PayU2Blog offer less for less fuss on the part of the blogger.

If you are a struggling blogger and want a quick way to make some money and cover your expenses, then you should definitely consider Payu2blog.

Payu2blog sponsored posts may affect your blog’s Google page rankings.
This is really important to consider if you plan to rely mainly on free SEO traffic from search engines.

Google explicitly states that exchanging money for links or posts that contains links (which is what you are essentially doing with Payu2blog) can negatively impact your website’s ranking in search results. Some Payu2blog assignments will require you to add a ‘to follow’ link rather than a ‘no follow’. This means you can’t ‘hide’ your paid links from Google and escape being penalized in search engine rankings.

In addition, if your links are placed unnaturally then Google views this as a violation of their guidelines. An example from Google of an unnatural link is: “There are many wedding rings on the market. If you want to have a wedding, you will have to pick the best ring.”

It appears that sentences solely for the purpose of inserting a link is viewed by Google as unnatural. This would make it hard to naturally place links if for example you were given an assignment about dog training but you have a beauty blog. By ‘creatively’ placing the links into your blog post you might just be violating Google’s guidelines.

So if you main blog traffic strategy is SEO, then Payu2blog is definitely not for you. It would be undoing your efforts to increase your page rank.

Final Thoughts about PayU2Blog

Overall, Payu2blog offers bloggers a great opportunity to make some money online by posting short sponsored blog posts. If SEO is not your main traffic strategy and you have been struggling to monetize your blog then you should definitely check out Payu2blog.

If you have had any previous experience with PayU2Blog, we’d love to hear from you! What kind of assignments did you get – interesting? Challenging? How was your overall experience?


Name: PayU2Blog
Website: PayU2Blog.com
Price: FREE to join
Overall Rank: 3/5

About our Guest Author – Shan

You Can Escape The Rat RaceShan describes herself as a wife, a mom, a sanguine, an accountant and online entrepreneur, in that order. She helps ordinary people transform their passions into a successful, profitable online business that gives them a ticket out of the 9-5 rat race. Her favorite quote is one by Albert Einstein … “Genius is 1 % talent and 99% percent hard work.” Her website Escape the Rat Race is a place to learn how to start making money online and say goodbye to the daily 9-5 grind.

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  1. Hi Shan,
    I enjoyed your review on PayU2Blog.
    I was not familiar with them before reading this. I agree that it sounds like a decent way to earn some additional income. I could see how it may hurt your site’s ranking in the ways you mentioned. Not being able to pick your assignments is a downfall as well. For a new site relying on SEO it’s likely not worth the risk of messing up google rankings. Awesome information!

    • Hi James, thanks so much for your feedback about this article – you raise some very good points in your comments. SEO can be such an important part of improving google rankings, so it’s important to be careful when writing articles heavy with unnatural link placement. Cheers, Karen

  2. Very interesting. I think this may be great for some bloggers and they can nickle and dime their way to a few bucks. It doesn’t look like a scam but $5.00 is pretty low, kinda like Fiverr which is another energy drainer. You wrote a good post and awesome review!

    • Hi David,

      The article was written by guest blogger Shan, and yes I agree, she did a fantastic job 🙂

      I agree $5 is quite low and you only get paid once for each article you write so the income earning potential is limited for content mills and paid to blog offers such as this. Affiliate Marketing, whilst it takes a bit longer to grow your business, is a better option as articles can continue earning for you well after they were originally written.

      For people serious about building a long term sustainable income online, this article I wrote recently may be of interest to you http://writingforcash.com/introducing-the-best-affiliate-marketing-training-program-online Thanks for your feedback,

      Cheers, Karen

  3. After reading the cons, this is definitely something I don’t thing I would want to use. I was curious about it, and glad I investigated further and found your review. I think just the part about making your blog look spammy, can’t be good. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great article
    This was the first time I ever heard about this service .. it seems good for some people but after reading all the requirements I believe it’s just not for me .. anyhow it’s good to know the different choices out there sk thank you

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