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If you’re looking for freelance journalism jobs online, you’ll want to find a site that is reputable and easy to use. JournalismJobs.com is one of the first that many people will find in a search. Just because Google ranks it highly doesn’t mean it’s the right place for you to search. Here’s all you need to know.


Website: journalismjobs.com

What Is JournalismJobs.com

Ex-Washington Post business writer Dan Rohn decided he wanted to create a space that offered a range of job opportunities for aspiring journalists and writers. In 1998, he created JournalismJobs.com, which set the platform for offering specific job vacancies for some of the biggest publishers online. The likes of Reuters, Forbes, ESPN, and Heavy regularly place advertisements for opportunities on the site.

  • Google Page Rank = 100,939 as at August 2017

Writers have the chance to upload their resume and can apply for the thousands of daily jobs made available. Some are for smaller publications, which can help many writers get started. The job search is split into different areas of expertise and interest, helping to weed out the ones you’re not interested in.

On top of that, there’s a resource section to help writers gain experience, information, and tips on how to get into the industry. The world of online media is consistently changing, and the resource continues to update.


  • Run by someone with journalism experience
  • Receives 2.5-3 million views per month
  • Constantly a stream of opportunities for all interests
  • Full of Fortune 500 companies
  • Free to create and use an account
  • Possible to set up job alerts to get new listings straight to your news feed


  • High competition from journalists around the world
  • It takes time to get noticed
  • Easy to get lost in the shuffle
  • No control over who publishes listings and when

Membership/Entry Criteria

Users of the site can view the job boards without creating an account.

The advantage of creating an account is that you are able to upload a resume and access additional resources to streamline the application process.

Upfront Fees?

Cost to Join: It is free to create an account as a job seeker. Companies posting jobs on the site pay an advertising fee.


n/a – The job seeker deals direct with the hiring company.


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  1. This is really interesting for me. I really love writing. Actually I just found out how much I love writing, by creating content for my own website. Therefore, I will be checking out the website JournalismJobs.com. It might be something for me.
    Besides this, I really like the layout of your site and the fact that you explain everything in a clear way, even enumerating the pros and cons. Thanks for sharing!
    Keep up the good work.


    • Hi Mia, that’s awesome that you’ve discovered your love of writing 🙂 Well done you for creating your own website, what is it about? Thanks for reading my post and for the feedback, Cheers, Karen

  2. Hey Karen, Nice information you have, good to know that we could actually do a freelance journalism online. Thank you for the comparison review as well. 🙂

    • Hi Elbert, yes there’s a ton of opportunities out there for freelance writers. Half the problem is working out which ones are legit, and pay well, some are just straight content mills and only pay a few cents per word. We had a travel writer here over the weekend and she is paid 50c per word, so it shows that there can be huge variation in remuneration out there! I strongly urge anyone looking at online opportunities, to do their homework! Cheers, Karen

  3. Really great post, Karen. I have known about journalismjobs.com for many years, but I have never applied for an account or for a writing job there. I have searched many freelance jobs, but for some strange reason I really never had enough interest to attempt to get one. I do write daily, but I’m more into fiction and writing murder mysteries. Again, very informative post!

    • Hi Howard, thanks so much for your feedback, glad you found in informative 🙂 All the best with your writing, Cheers, Karen

  4. Hi, Karen and thanks for an unbiased review!
    It’s always nice to see reviews that list pros AND cons so you can be the judge yourself. I will be following your blogs 🙂
    Regards, Jan

    • Thanks Jan, appreciate your feedback. I’ve enjoyed putting this site together and hope that the information is useful for fellow bloggers and writers, Cheers, Karen

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