Motivational Short Stories About Life – A Guest Post by Merry Conner

motivational short stories about life

Sometimes it’s nice to read motivational short stories about life, to help put challenges and those big life decisions into perspective. Inspirational business success stories can help refocus you on what’s important and re-centre on the why, how and what you are doing – to get back on the right path.

So with no further ado, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Merry Conner who has written today’s guest post “I have a dream and I have angels.”

Merry is a fellow affiliate marketer, residing in B.C. Canada, and she is a certificated home stager and organizer. Check out her websites This Gals Got Clutter, if you are in need of inspiration to de-clutter your home or stage a property for sale.

Merry’s post today is a must read for anyone who faces adversity or whose looking for inspiration and motivation to get up and keep on going.

Thank you, Merry for sharing.

I Have a dream and I have Angels.

Have you ever given any thought to what you could do if life handed you not one little lemon, but enough to fill a bowl. I learned at an early age that having something wrong or being sick was not something you shared. You kept that part hidden as if it would tarnish how others saw you.

That is not an easy thing to have instilled in your brain growing up, but then again it allowed me to speak quietly to myself with a promise that things will be better.

Perhaps this is where my strength in character and will power was generated. Either or it has certainly come in handy. I always said it was ‘mind over matter’and as I closed my eyes and begged for sleep that tomorrow would be better.

My biggest challenge laid before me and I was determined to find a way. That is what brought me to Network, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing. I saw so many ‘others’ making money using the Internet and I was attracted to those women writing fascinating blogs. How did they make any money doing this was my big question.

As I look back and remember I didn’t even know what it was called! It was when I saw the words Affiliate Marketing a little light bulb went off and it was an ‘Ah Hah’ moment! Wow, I found it. Maybe, just maybe, I could do this.

That maybe turned into learning and that learning turned into today where I have a blog that allows me to share my genuine passion of helping others find what could be their success story. Truth in how, where and sometimes why.

The truth about any network marketing no matter what it is, you have to brand YOU first. It is not about the company you are a consultant for and it certainly is not about the products. You must become the expert or that ‘go-to-gal’.

That brings me full circle to my very personal why. I had a successful business and career before the Internet and I loved what I was my then career of choice. Unfortunately the first lemon was handed to me, and suddenly my career was challenged. My independence gone. Something terrible was happening to me and the Drs. were confused as to what was going on. A flesh eating disease was the biggest fear they had.

I don’t want to make this a long and detailed story, but the bottom line was I could no longer work or stand up for any length of time without excruciating pain. It was almost like my outer limbs were being attacked from inside my body. What started out as what appeared to be a tiny bug bite on my inner ankle was growing at an alarming speed and the pain was increasing daily.

Seven long years, 3 surgeries and many many doctors later I found that I had been misdiagnosed! A South African Surgeon was alarmed at what he was seeing and decided a biopsy needed to be done immediately. It was this Dr. that indicated he thought I had been misdiagnosed.

My first thoughts were, OK then! You are going to tell all these other Drs. and specialists they are wrong?? Okay then. I DO have angels! Even tho’ this was tremendous procedure to endure it was done. Another 6 months as we waited for answers back from the Mayo Clinic and then it happened. He was correct indeed.

My diagnosis was not good but at least now we knew. I had a very rare disease which is vascular in nature and less than 10,000 cases worldwide. All I saw was the hope of better days and that the meds would help me.

The day finally arrived, and the nurses who helped care for me 3 times a week were almost in tears as they watched the healing begin and knew the pain would be over for me. It was finally Over! Not cured, but in what they call a state of remission. It was now time to find a new way to perhaps become that independent person I was again.

When they say you need your health to be good going into any kind of marketing they are right. I could not sit at my computer and be in the pain I was in, or for that matter the pain medications and be successful.

Of course, I didn’t buy into that program for too long now that the pain was more than tolerable and remission stayed in place. So I was not going to be the healthy person I was ‘supposed’ to be, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t find a new way.

That way is now, today as I write this for other eyes to see. The very first time to share how I came to be in the field of network marketing. Reminding myself of many other success’s and knowing that if I put the effort in one day I would be capable of guiding others in a new direction as well.

When life hands you lemons you still have a choice. Helpless is not in my vocabulary just as can’t is finding it’s way into the recycle bin. I am still learning, but that is the way of the Internet.

If you have been handed what feels like more lemons than you know what to do with, speak quietly to yourself with encouraging words. I promise you there will be better days. I know how it feels being frustrated and in despair. I also know It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day and fight back with all that’s in you.

If you too have a dream know that it can happen IF you take the steps to make it happen. One baby step at a time, one inch at a time. You can create the success and happiness you desire.

One of my favorite and most practical principles to help anyone achieve what they want in life is the Slight Edge, by Jeff Olsen. If there ever was a must read, this is it. Available now on Amazon and also in E-book format.

My passion is helping others avoid the mistakes I made in my online quest to find what really works and seriously is affordable for anyone in any circumstance. My passion is to encourage. An old Chinese Proverb says:

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

I have a Dream……….I have Angels…………

Merry Conner



  1. I really like to learn from other people’s failures 😉 So I don’t do them and I will follow all of your writings in future. With that, I also started a blog recently and I will keep reminding myself to “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” so I can have the same motivation when I first started.

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