The Best Way To Advertise On craigslist Free

The best way to advertise on craigslist free

A warm welcome to fellow affiliate marketer Howard Coffey, who has kindly written this review about the best way to advertise on craigslist free. Howard has used free craigslist classifieds exclusively to market ads for affiliate sites and is paid for per click. He describes this as an easy source of income for his affiliate marketing business.

Read Howard’s review below to learn more.

craigslist Review

Name: craigslist
Website: craigslist.org
Price: FREE and Paid Advertising options available
Owners: Jointly by Newmark, Buckmaster & eBay
Overall Rank: 7/10 *


craigslist is an American classified advertising website with categories including jobs, housing, for sale, personals & adults only, wanted to buy, services and much more.services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums. The service was founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark as an email distribution list to friends – and featured local events in the San Francisco Bay area. It became a fully web-based service in 1996 and now expands to other US cities and encompasses over 70 countries globally.

How to Use craigslist

To begin using the services at craigslist, you access their site online at and post your advert. It’s simple and incredibly easy to use. You can establish an account if you’d like, or you can use their site to place your free advert without creating an account. Either way, craigslist must get an email from you to use. However, I prefer to apply for an account. It’s cleaner and easier that way. I think it also is more professional as well.


  • Extremely easy to use – no special skills required
  • Option of free and paid adverts
  • The site receives over 20 billion page views every month


  • You can be susceptible to receiving SPAM but this is easily countered by choosing to anonymize your email address on your advert
  • craigslist was involved in negative controversy around its listings for adult services and this stigma does continue, despite their efforts to tighten up the advertising criteria in those categories. In 2015, Craig Newmark received an award from the FBI for craigslist’s cooperation to fight human trafficking. Users can also flag inappropriate or illegal listings which further helps keep the craigslist community safe.

Join craigslist

To create an account, simply go to craigslist’s official site, craigslist.org, and enter your email address on their sign-up page. You will be sent a confirmation email to the email address that you used whenever you signed up. You will click on the confirmation email address, and then you can enter a choice for your password. No different from other sites you have joined. Then you will need to accept their terms of use before you can enter your new account.

When you have finished your sign up, you are ready to post an advert. You want to make a “new post.” You will find it beneficial to you to begin the advert process. As you are creating you advert, you will see the different categories that you can choose for your advert. After you have chosen the correct category, you will be directed to the area where you will create your advert. Go there and look at the exact format for your advert. Then, you can write your advert to fit the format. It is much better to have your advert written before you decide to make a new post. So write it out beforehand. Then all you have to do is copy and paste into craigslist’s format.

Prior to publishing your advert, you will see your email listed. You have three choices: “own, close, anonymize” your email address. I would suggest that you choose “anonymize” your email address to keep spammers from getting your real email address, then craigslist will forward you emails to you.

Using craigslist Free Classifieds

I have only used the “free post” ads on craigslist classifieds. I have used them exclusively to market ads for affiliate sites that pay me for every click through that I send to them. This is an easy source of income for me. After I create the advert, which takes about five to ten minutes, I post the link to their site in the advert along with any information which the affiliate suggests. Then whenever anyone clicks on their site or emails the affiliate, I get paid a small finder’s fee. The fee comes from the affiliate for whom I have made the advert, not craigslist. This method of marketing using craigslist is relatively successful for me. Remember, however, there are thousands and thousands of ads in craigslist classifieds. It is important that you be a bit creative with the title and subtitle of your ads in order to have your advert noticed.

The directions for craigslist classifieds are easy to use. All that is necessary to use their free ads is to follow the directions which craigslist provides.

However, not all categories are free:

All craigslist postings are free except for:

  • Job postings in selected areas–$7.75 (fee varies by area)
  • Brokered apartment rentals in NYC area–$10
  • Various by-dealer categories in the US–$3-5
  • Cars/trucks by-dealer in the US, Vancouver BC–$5
  • Furniture by-dealer in the US, Vancouver BC–$3
  • Therapeutic services in US–$10 (re-posts of live ads $5)

The cost for paid adverts

Your cost, if you use craigslist as I do, is FREE!

However, there are distinct advantages to paying for ads on craigslist. You get far better exposure for your paid advert. Your paid advert would be more noticeable and just maybe by a larger audience. Since you are paying for the advert, you have a way of measuring your cost per customer, which is important in a business, and you can soon determine if the cost of the advert is worth your continued use of the paid advert. The ads run at various prices from $7 and up, and you can check out the prices for paid ads as you are entering the categories you choose as you begin your advert. Why you are posting an advert will determine if you choose a paid or free advert.

Payment options

  • Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.
    Paid posting accounts provide additional payment options in many cases.

How Long Will My Ad Run

Free ads run for 30 days. You cannot rerun the advert. Usually, I write a new advert often since I choose several affiliates for whom I post ads. After you post your advert, you can renew or edit it even if you don’t have an account; however, the advert will still only run for 30 days. You use the confirmation email you received when you posted your advert; therefore, do not delete the confirmation email sent when you posted your advert. There are videos on YouTube that will teach you how to publish multiple ads to different locations on craigslist. You might be interested in checking them out.

Viewing Your Ads

To view your advert, there is a tab that you can use before you publish the advert to be sure it looks and reads as you wish for it to read. If you are publishing the advert for a second party, then the other party can confirm that you published an advert for them. After you publish the advert, you or a second party can view your advert by visiting the following link at http://sfbay.craigslist.org. At this site you can: “edit post” “delete post” or “re-post” your advert.

Final Recommendation

The beautiful thing about using this site besides being free is the ease of use.

You do not need any special skills to post an advert on craigslist. It’s one of the easiest classified advert sites on the Internet. I highly recommend the site to you and give it five stars for ease of use.

Name: craigslist
Website: craigslist.org
Price: FREE and Paid Advertising options available
Owners: Jointly by Newmark, Buckmaster & eBay
Overall Rank: 7/10 *

Howard rates craigslist a 7/10 due to the sheer volume of competition from other affiliate marketers on craigslist, and a 9/10 for ease of use *


About our Guest Author – Howard Coffey

Howard lives in western Kentucky on beautiful Lale Barkley. He runs an affiliate market business and his website is https://idealforonline.com. He loves to hunt and fish in his spare time, and his favorite hobby is writing. Ideal Work for Online is a site dedicated to presenting ideals for online work. Ideals that can help you establish your own online business.

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    • Hi Howard, thanks very much for being a guest writer on our site, it’s through the genuine experiences of people like you who are making a living online that add real value for our readers. All the very best and thank you for sharing your views about craigslist. Kind regards, Karen

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