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Upwork Jobs for Freelancers




The UpWork site was created over a decade ago with a vision of connecting businesses with talented freelancers to work without limits. They are one of the world’s leading websites for freelancers with millions of jobs posted on Upwork each year and more thdan $1 billion of freelancer earnings generated via the site annually.

UpWork is not just for freelance writers and bloggers, they also post job listings for web & mobile developers, designers, virtual assistants, customer service agents, sales & marketing experts, accountants and consultants.

  • Google Page Rank = 1
  • Alexa Rank = 458 (as at July 2017)

Membership/Entry Criteria

Freelancers need to create an account before they are able to apply for any of the jobs posted. However, you can view jobs online using a search feature without signing up.

Online skills tests are available for freelancers to take and these are shared with prospective employers.

Upfront Fees?

Cost to Join: NONE


Freelancers are paid by the hour or a fixed price for the entire project or job. Payments are made on completion of work. Freelancers are paid via PayPal. All payments to freelancers have invoices issued via UpWork which can be downloaded or printed. It is the responsibility of the freelancer to file any relevant tax in their country.



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  1. I have tried Upwork before to find some writing jobs. I was expecting more because I have heard many success stories on the Internet.

    I did not find any job while I was sending my info and samples as recommended. I stopped trying after one week.

    I have also hired some freelancers to help me with some projects. Their services were great. But I have used it with this way only three times.

    • Hi there Ilias and thanks for your feedback about Upwork. I haven’t actively looked for work on this site, but it is a very popular one, particularly in the US. I have used Fiverr to both buy and sell gigs and found it less daunting to navigate. At the end of the day though, I guess it comes down to personal preference. Cheers, Karen

  2. Your Upwork review has great details about the history, size and impact of this site. I’ve used competing sites, but not upwork, and I’m now likely to try it. If any stats are available concerning how many looking for work find it, typical contract value or other details, they would be a plus. As-is, this is an excellent post. Thanks.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for your feedback and you raise some good questions. It is up to the freelancer to set their own rate. After doing some further research on this topic, (IMHO) I think a big mistake of new freelancers is to set their rate too low, whether that be a fixed price or hourly rate. At first glance the rates paid for article and content writing can appear very low, but some writers are regularly getting jobs for the $125+ per hour mark. As with anything, it depends on your focus, whether you are going for quantity or quality. As a writer, I’d much rather have a few quality clients who pay me well, than ending up writing for peanuts. Hope that helps and all the best with your own foray into Upwork 🙂 Kind regards, Karen

  3. Hey the review is excellent, simple and informative. I’m always surfing the internet for a better job and your site have varieties which I felt amazing, I would like to try this free lancer job. The most important factor is that it is free to join, I have seen many advertisers who ask to pay us an initial money for joining and in return provide no guaranteed job opportunity. Your site is pretty nice and good, keep writing and you informations are strong. Have a good day 🙂

    • Hi there, thanks so much for words of encouragement. This site is still being developed, but we’re glad to here that you’re going to give UpWork a try. Are there any other platforms we should add to our list on the home page? We want to showcase the best paid to blog opportunities out there, so feel free to suggest any we’ve missed! All the very best, Karen

  4. Hi Karen,
    I was looking online the other day for online blog work so this was a nice and easy to read. I also appreciate your feedback to comments, which gave me even more info!

    • Hi Alice, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, we’re glad you found the information on this page useful. The plan is to provide information on all 101 ‘writing platforms’ listed on the home page, so please do bookmark this page and revisit to read about the other opportunities shown 🙂 All the very best for your online journey. Cheers, Karen

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