What Is WritersWeekly.com – Is It Right For You?

What is Writers Weekly and Is It Right for You?

There are so many sites offering writing jobs and opportunities. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of them all, trying to find the best option for you. WritersWeekly.com is just one site for new and experienced writers to visit. Just what is WritersWeekly.com and is it right for you?

Writers Weekly

Website: writersweekly.com

WritersWeekly.com: An Overview

Set up in 1997, it is now part of the BookLocker.com Inc family business. This is a site for budding and experienced freelance writers to find jobs and gain tips of improving their income. It’s a place for all types of bloggers and writers, whether you’re looking for a steady freelance client or a one-off job to get your name out there.

  • Alexa Rank = 382686

Writers Weekly is one of the oldest writing job sites online, making it one of the most reputable. The site also offers blogging openings on its own domain, with a reasonable pay for its writers. There are also contests run now and then, and no costs for submitting or having pitches and articles read for consideration.

While offering job opportunities, there is also an article and resource section from both experienced writers and the site’s own blogger, Angela Hoy. This is full of tips for writers, bloggers, journalists, and authors, offering ways to get new clients, improve resumes, and much more. You can even self-publish through the site at a fraction of the cost of many other self-publishers (including Amazon’s CreateSpace).


  • Reputable and trustworthy site
  • Job listings sent straight to your email
  • Free to subscribe and submit pitches
  • Pays writers to write on the site
  • Valuable information resource
  • Website includes a RSS feed listing jobs from another popular site; JournalismJobs.com


  • Somewhat outdated and messy site, so finding way around can be tricky
  • No guarantee of “well-paid” job opportunities
  • Only a middle man for many reputable writing sites, so can’t guarantee work

Membership/Entry Criteria

Writers Weekly includes very clear guidelines about the types of articles they will accept  from writers in their Writers Guidelines. They are very niche specific so make sure you have a good read through of this information to determine if your articles are going to suit their audience.

Submission of articles is by way of a query letter.

Upfront Fees?

Cost to Join: No


Writers Weekly pays 10c per word and writers outside of the US can submit articles with updates being sent out weekly.

Payment is via PayPal.


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  1. Cool! I am always looking for new writer jobs. I am tired of checking problogger all the time and seeing the same jobs, so I was looking for some other places to find writing jobs. I will check this one out, it sounds good 🙂

    • Hi Ben, yep it looks like they have some different jobs there, plus an RSS feed from Journalismjobs.com so hopefully you’ll see some fresh information there 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, Cheers, Karen

  2. This looks a great way to quickly pick up some jobs for a little bit of extra cash. I appreciate that they accept articles from non-US residents too.

    • Hi Susie, thanks for checking out my blog. Yes, it’s great that WritersWeekly.com accepts articles from non-US residents – when so many sites are exclusive to a region or a country. Cheers, Karen

  3. Nice that it works from abroad as well. I have some friends in Germany who might actually be interested.

    • That’s fantastic, yes, please share this page with them, they may be interested in the other opportunities listed here. Best regards, Karen

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