Writing for BlogMutt – Just another Content Mill?



You write posts for businesses. If they buy those posts, then you get paid.

Writing for BlogMutt can be lucrative for some, but is it just another Content Mill?


BlogMutt is a popular US based content writing platform that was founded in 2010-2011 by Scott Yates & Wade Green. Basically their concept is to connect writers and bloggers to website owners for the purpose of selling blog posts and ghost writing services.

Once registered as a contributor, writers can submit articles on the platform. These can be selected for use by website & blogsite owners, who pay around a subscription of $100 per month ($25 per article) – reducing rate applies for larger agency accounts.

However, if you write an article on BlogMutt and it is accepted for use, you will be paid $8 per article. If no one selects your article you will not be paid for it, but there is a high uptake rate for articles written, it sits at around 90%. Given this high article acceptance rate, BlogMutt is definitely worth looking at for enthusiastic writers and bloggers wanting to earn a bit of extra cash, or those looking for filler jobs between larger writing assignments.

Average post length is 300-400 words, but can be as short as 250 words – also there is an option for websites to pay a subscription level for articles up to 1200 words.

There is a comprehensive help archive on the site to help newcomers get up and running quickly.

  • Alexa Rank = 133,832

Membership/Entry Criteria

Writers must create an account before they can view jobs and must be legally allowed to work in the United States.

Literacy testing? YES

Plagarism testing? YES

Upfront Fees?

Cost to Join: NO cost to writers and article contributors.


Payments are made weekly via PayPal on a Monday.

All transactions are processed via the BlogMutt platform.


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  1. Thank you for useful information, I appreciate it! I was looking for information about writing platforms that connect writers to website owners!

    • Hi, thanks for your feedback, if you’re based in the US then blogmutt could be a good option. Check back to this site soon, as I’ll be reviewing other paid to blog sites on my list 😊 cheers Karen

  2. Thanks for a captivating review. I think blogmutt is worth a closer look as source of exposure and writing income. I am a little confused about the payment model, however, as the distinction between the $100 per month, $25 per article and $8 per month payment basis is not clear to me. This is hardly a huge issue, however, as it simply gives me a reason to go check it out at blogmutt! Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Steve, Thanks for your feedback, I will reword the article to make the payment model clearer. But essentially blog writers are paid $8 for each article accepted. BlogMutt makes it’s money by onselling those articles to website owners from $25 per article (they have to opt in to purchase at least four articles per month, hence where the $100 per month came in). Hope that helps. If you are located in the US, I think it’s definitely a good option to consider. Cheers, Karen

  3. BlogMutt is a joke; DO NOT WRITE FOR THEM!

    A simple Google search will reveal their shady tactics of “suspending” writers without merit. This is particularly problematic given BlogMutt’s format, which involves writing posts in advance without the guarantee of those posts being purchased. So, if you have 50 posts completed that are sitting in clients’ queues and BlogMutt decides to suspend you for reasons unknown, you’ve just lost those 50 posts.

    Aside from its grossly incompetent managers, the pay at BlogMutt is absolutely horrible. Clients pay $25 for 250-word posts, for which the writer earns an appalling $8.

    If you’re looking to write for fun and want to gain more experience, perhaps BlogMutt may work — until they suspend your account and don’t respond to your emails. But if you want to get paid for writing, choose a different platform.

    • Hi Averis, thanks very much for your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. The sad thing about what you have shared is that $8 for 250 words is probably not even scraping the bottom of the barrel out there. I know of other content mill sites where the pay is even worse. However, your comments about not being paid are quite alarming. I wonder if any other readers out there have had similar experiences? Who would you recommend as an alternative? Cheers, Karen

  4. Blogmutt is fine for either starting writers or experienced ones like myself who just want to fill the gaps when work is less consistent. But the company has a lot of problems as many have alluded to above. The sites that are making it best are the ones who respect their writers the most and pay them the best. If writing were a factory, Blogmutt would be it. It’s not. That’s why they are only good for supplemental work. Simple logic.

    • Hi and thanks so much for your feedback. I agree – there’s so much more to writing than just churning out content. In my opinion Affiliate Marketing is the best option for writers to build a sustainable income online as their articles and blog posts can generate recurring income. I use the platform Wealthy Affiliate for hosting my websites, their support and hosting is top notch, plus through my subscription I have access to a wealth of tools, training and experienced affiliate marketers who offer help within their online forums. Definitely worth checking out if you are serious about building an income online, beyond the content mills. Kind regards, Karen

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